TAAS by RSupport – Instantly Create Test Scripts | NewsWatch Review

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For those who’ve ever developed a mobile app, you’re probably aware of just much effort goes into testing it.

A company that’s taking over and reinventing the way apps are tested is RSUPPORT.

Test As A Service or TAAS is RSUPPORT’s automated mobile app testing service for both Android, and iOS applications.

It’s made by developers for developers and non-developers alike to easily, and instantly create test scripts. Tstudio makes the process as simple as running your app on a device.

Tstudio will automatically code, and log your actions creating a fully functional test script.

With Tstudio, you can expect the following:

  • Follows WebDriver specification
  • Supports Layout Inspector
  • Code Assistant
  • “One Script on Mutliple Devices” testing

Simply upload your script into Tconsole where it can be edited, altered, or changed to create and run a test scenario. You can then distribute the test project by registering a test device and uploading the script. Once this is complete, you can monitor the status and results during the progress of the test.

Then use Tplayer which is a stand-alone mobile test player that will start testing your scenarios on your targeted devices; from a single Android or iOS device to numerous devices and OS versions at once. Once the test is finalized, the result is then uploaded to Tconsole.

All the information will be uploaded back into Tconsole where you can review the entire test process from start to finish. Tconsole is a cloud-based test project result management service which generates screenshots and alerts allowing you to easily identify exactly where a process may have failed. You can even receive a detailed report once the test has completed and reviewed the logs, resources used, and more.

So, if you’d like to start testing your apps, learn more by heading to taas.rsupport.com today!