The big businesses harness the emotional power of their logos to increase the flow of their customers. The logos of some of the businesses have so much power that their brands transcend cultural boundaries. For that matter, the simple artworks are the main reason behind the success of many giant companies, and you could reap from your logo as well. Here are the most important ways big businesses use the emotional power of logos to market themselves.

Use Color Creatively

Brands have been changing not only their font or shape for the logo, but also the colour sometimes. Too see more about their changes in matter of logos & branding check out the specialized website LogoRealm.

Different colors influence people’s emotions in diverse ways. Some of them have an exceptionally far-reaching effect on the emotions of your audience. Big companies understand the audience’s connections to some colors could help them to pass across the right marketing messages and, consequently, increase the usefulness of their organization’s branding method. For example, red can stimulate the feelings of increased power, love, aggression, or danger, and blue can stimulate the feeling of calmness.

Credible studies have demonstrated that consumers make subconscious decisions regarding products in less than 90 seconds of viewing. A significant fraction of these individuals base the judgments on color alone. Approximately 85 percent of these people believe that color is the main reason they buy particular products. Further, 80 percent of consumers cite color as the leading contributor to increased brand recognition. As such, for your visual marketing efforts to succeed, choose the color the right colors carefully.

Use the Right Shapes

Most people also rely on the shape of logos to make subconscious judgments on products. The mere angularity or circularity of a logo has the potential to influence the perceptions of your audience on the attributes of your company or products. Big businesses understand this fact and use circular shapes to activate the feeling of softness. Other companies also use angular shapes to stimulate the perception of hardness. At the same time, a few others use the two shapes together to try to reach to a wider audience.

Furthermore, the associations also conjure up new other complex associations beyond the products physical qualities. For instance, circular logos can go beyond stimulating the feelings associated with softness and conjure up the perception that your company is caring and sensitive to the needs of customers. The secret is to know the most important emotion that you want to evoke and use the right color to do so. For that matter, use circular logos to increase the perception of greater product comfortableness and angular ones of heightened durability.

Pay Attention to One Emotion at a Time

Most successful big businesses appreciate the need to focus on a single emotion in each virtual marketing campaign. They know it is often difficult to achieve too much within one logo. As such, the businesses instruct their designers to help their customers feel a particular emotion whenever they see their brands. Depending on your business, you could choose an emotion such as trusting, happy, sexy, or joyous. This way, you will do away the risk of diluting your hard work and making it unproductive.

Differentiate Brands from Others

If you ask any successful business owner how they use the emotional power of design, one of the answers could be that they effectively describe their brand attributes. Before embarking on the design work, these individuals find out what is at the very center of their brands. The CEO of Nike, for example, would tell you their brands greatest attribute is “authentic performance.” For your brand to help your business achieve its objectives, therefore, be sure to help your customers appreciate that your brand’s uniqueness by focusing on both the brand’s attributes and product features.

Focus on the Target Market

The best way to know the right emotion to use in a particular design is to get acquainted with your audience. Established companies invest a lot in research to be able to understand their audience and produce virtual designs that they can actually relate with. The research should focus on a wide variety of specifics, including income level, career, location, gender, and age. Big businesses know that the more detailed the research questions, the better. A few questions may not be able to capture the real interests of your audience. That means you can achieve the same results as giant corporations if you fully capture your audience’s emotions.

Choose the Right Symbols

A useful virtual design makes use symbols to pass across the right messages. The use of symbols is common today given its effectiveness in evoking emotions. Brands such as Amazon have learned the art of using symbols to achieve their branding goals. This company uses an upward curved arrow that points from the “a to z” and appears like a smile. The symbol shows the company is visionary and attracts the attention of the audience as most people like things that look like a smile. As such, choose a symbol that will communicate the appropriate message.


It’s not adequate to use price promotions to attract customers. In the current competitive market, logs are one of the ways big companies increase the flow of their customers. Most people follow their feeling, so they use this strategy to appeal more to their audience’s emotions than their brain to win the market. As such, use the right visual designs in the right way and see the prospects of your business change as well.