Third Reality – Automate Your Home with One Simple Device | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

We all know how popular smart home technology is. But what if you don’t want to go through all the complicated electrical work? That’s where Third Reality comes in with their RealitySwitch Plus.

Third Reality is a company making home automation devices. The ‘Reality Switch’ is a device that they’re currently shipping, which allows you to connect the switch to your Amazon devices and where you can tell it to turn your lights on and off. But most importantly, the new device they have coming out is ‘Reality Switch Plus’ which will allow you to connect to any of the existing Amazon devices.

The most important part of their solution is it’s so easy to install. And for anyone who’s buying a switch who wants to automate their home; this can be done by yourself. Not by an electrician or a third party.

Many of the other switches you’ll find today require an electrician to install them. They’d have to come to your house, take the switch apart, remove your existing switch and put in a new switch and in many cases, you may be able to buy the device for $30 or $40 but you’re going to pay $100 to have it installed.

With Third Reality’s device, you can install it yourself at no additional cost. You can also have a remote with your app. For example, if you’re away from the house and would like to turn the lights on or off or you forgot whether they’re on or off, you can pull up your app and check the status and turn them on or off remotely.

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