Whereify – Keep Tabs on Your Vehicle No Matter Where You Are | NewsWatch Review


It’s thrilling when kids are of driving age. Finally, they can drive themselves around and don’t require mom or dad as chauffeurs. But while it’s convenient, it’d be nice to at least know where they’re heading.

That’s where Whereify comes in.

Whereify is a car tracker that tracks where your car is and where it went and for how long. It’s simple to use. It’s a small adaptor that plugs right into your carport.

Using the Whereify app you’ll be able to see where the car is at all times. Once it stops, Whereify will get to work showing you what’s in that area.

In addition to location, you’ll also be able to see how fast the car is going and whether the car alarm is going off. The intention in its design is to give a complete picture of your family’s driving safety.

Not only is this unobtrusive tracker one of the most advanced GPS car trackers out there, it’s also incredibly affordable.

With Whereify you can keep tabs on your children and make sure their driving habits are up to par.

You can purchase one today from Whereify.com and download the app from the Google Play or App Store.