theVOIZapp – Creating a Tone of Voice for the Social Media Posts You Read | NewsWatch Review


Have you ever read something online and taken it out of context because you couldn’t hear the author’s voice?

It’s difficult to know exactly how posts are intended to sound without hearing the writer’s tone. theVOIZapp was created to bridge this gap by allowing people to add personal and emotional elements to their posts.

Like other social apps, you can trail/follow your friends and family to see their posts in your feed called the scroll. But what sets this app apart is with VOIZ notes. VOIZ notes allow you to upload your voice – whether you’re singing or reading a monologue – and soon add fun background audios, if you’d like.

You can even upload your VOIZ notes with photos, so you can show off your voice and photography skills at the same time. There’s also a ton of other really cool features, like private rooms for you to have personal conversations and public rooms for you to discuss and debate interesting topics.

All these features are also great for community building, so you can build an audience around your interests.

Start connecting in the most authentic way by searching for theVOIZapp – that’s the-V-O-I-Z–app in the Apple or Google Play stores today.