LifePortalPro – Teaching Children Life Skills Through Gamification | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Do you remember how you learned to tie a tie or change a tire? What about balancing your finances or paying taxes? These are skills that aren’t taught in the classroom. And there was no resource to learn about these different aspects of life in one place – aside from asking a knowledgeable family member or friend. That was, until now.

LifePortalPro is an app for kids that teaches them practical life skills through gamification.

Through their newest game, kids will be able to connect with friends and create clans, all with the purpose of teaching them the skills that most of us had to learn through osmosis. All the games and lessons within the app were developed along with a world-class curriculum.

And let’s not forget, it’s fun.

Players are even able to compete against other players within the app, merging entertainment with learning. What’s better than that?

LifePortalPro is currently looking for schools and administrators so they can incorporate their app into their curriculum.

So, if you know someone who could use LifePortalPro in their classroom or you want to help mold a young person’s mind, you can head to to learn more today.