DJI Ronin-S | NewsWatch Review

We used the Ronin-S to capture on-the-go movement.

With the utilization of the Ronin-S, it provides professional stability for every destination. Its detachable, modular design makes for a simple fit inside a backpack on your travels.


In addition, the Ronin-S supports almost any DSLR or mirrorless camera setup on the market, offering direct camera control. It’ll focus way better on your subject with the easy-to-control Focus Wheel.

Once the Ronin-S connects to a compatible camera system, you can pull focus via the included cable. An optional external motor can also be added, bringing broader compatibility to all lens types while enhancing precision control.

Innovative Design

The Ronin-S’s creative framework elevates camera payload above the roll axis, making the camera’s built-in display obstruction free and constantly in your line of sight.

All-in-One Control

The SmoothTrack technology allows for a seamless transition from motion to camera angle with just one hand. Switch between three user profiles with a simple click on the M button, and capture fast-moving objects in Sport Mode.

In conclusion, the Ronin-S proves to stay portable, versatile, and ergonomic.

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