Points and Pints – Slate Coasters for Your Sports Fandom | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Sports fans, listen up.  I think we can all agree that sitting down and watching our favorite team play is something we love, right?

Now, how often do you relive a game-winning Super Bowl drive or the best play your favorite team or player ever made?  If you’re like me, the answer is “way too often”. Well, if you want to relive that experience while enjoying a beverage, look no further than Points and Pints.

These guys make laser etched slate coasters that show off historical facts, stats, and plays of your favorite team. Want to relive the shoe-catch by Julian Edelman in Superbowl 51? What about the Bronco’s first Superbowl win over Greenbay?

You can forever enjoy those memories with their coaster sets.  And if you’re like me, you also enjoy rubbing in those plays and wins whenever friends come over – just an added bonus there. Now, they have coasters for over 100 teams across Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, College Basketball, and College Football.

The coasters all have felt bottoms, so you won’t scratch up your table while dishing them out to your friends. Each set comes with four coasters and game reports so you know exactly what plays you’re looking at.

You can pick up new coasters or some of their other merchandise, from mugs to posters to phones cases and drawstring bags by heading over to PointsandPints.com.