Over the years, we have had traditional banks dictate how, where and when our transactions should be carried out but not anymore.

Technology under the word “fintech” is here to level the playing field or should I say disrupt the status quo.

Great financial products have started filtering the market to save us from the hassles in the banking hall done with large computers. The need for paper money for every transaction and the sheer dissatisfaction of always carrying out an operation in a brick and mortar building might soon be outdated.

Fintech works with these traditional banks to an extent, but only to give us excellent customer service during online banking.

What Fintech does mostly, is to channel or create a new market for the type of service banks provide. Some of them are:


An alternate currency that has been touted to disrupt the way we use money online to shop, pay bills and live a happy stress-free life.

Leveraging on the need for people to find a better and a more secure form of money, Bitcoin was created. Since its inception, it has brought more money into a highly secured system under blockchain. If it continues to rise, we may see Bitcoin running the world someday.

Payment services

No matter how much we love seeing the face of our account officer, nothing beats sitting at the comfort of your home to carry a transaction.

Online payment systems are not the only place Fintech have revolutionized the way we do business. It has helped international companies cut costs and disrupt barriers. Fintech companies like Payoneer, Transferwise have helped Freelancers in different marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork keep in touch with their clients at all times.

Financial inclusion

Fintech has also made many people be financially inclusive by bringing lenders and borrowers of funds together without any intermediaries.

Peer-peer groups that borrow money to people using social data and big data graph to find out if a person is creditworthy is an excellent way to borrow money for your business for little or no cost at all.

Crowdfunding is a platform that put out ICO to draw people that support their course or investment plans, Fintech has also made them more financially inclusive.

They distribute the units of Crypto as shares that can be converted to Bitcoin or other Cryptos at the end of the day in other to make payments.

Such services have helped people channel their money from traditional companies that require you to buy shares and if you need to get Quik loans express for it you can get immediate money by clicking here.

Advisors and customer service

Traditional banks and some other financial institutions like Insurance companies have found a way to create an AI that handles customer transactions. These AIs go as much as becoming chatbots that learn from every experience with a user. By providing advisory services to clients seeking financial advice, they look at a clients credit score, spending habits, so they can collate data that will be helpful to the client at a meager cost.