DOBOT – Lightweight Robot for Educators | NewsWatch Review

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So, Robots provide students with unprecedented learning opportunities. But getting a quality robot can be challenging, especially when most traditional robots are expensive, heavy, and bulky, limiting their effectiveness in the classroom. DOBOT [pronounced: du-bot] Magician is anything but heavy and bulky. It’s an affordable, all-perspective lightweight robot for educators in schools K-12.

The DOBOT magician is a multi-functional tool that is industrial grade robotic arm for education. That includes 5 different end effectors, one being the suction cup and the pneumatic gripper, the pen holder, the 3D printer and the laser engraver.

All five of these help teach students in the classroom robotics, engineering, manufacturing and more. It’s being incorporated in classrooms with the help of Stem Education Works and their partnership with Purdue University. They developed a curriculum that goes together with the DOBOT magician that allows teachers to have lessons that are designed for the robotics and the manufacturing, things like that.

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