ShadeTree Sunglasses – Using Unique Material to Fashion Sunglasses | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

The FDA estimates that in 2014, Americans purchased over 300 million pairs of sunglasses. Over 91% of those sunglasses were made of petroleum-based plastics. That’s over 160,000 pounds of plastic that will eventually wind up in landfills.

Needless to say, that’s a problem. ShadeTree Sunglasses is the solution.

ShadeTree is a small independent brand that uses unique material to fashion their sunglasses, like wood and laminated carbon fiber.

But just because they’re made with environmentally conscious materials doesn’t mean they are any less slick or functional.

ShadeTree sunglasses are polarized and offer 100% UV protection.

There are 49 unique styles for both men and women. With pairs made of everything from silver oak and red rosewood to titanium alloy.

Shadetree also offers an exclusive patriotic line, including sunglasses like Classic ‘Merica or The Stealth Patriot, which is made of stained maple.

For every pair of patriotic sunglasses sold, ShadeTree donates money to charity.

Furthermore, staying in line with environmentally friendly yet slick styles, each pair of sunglasses comes with a bamboo case and microfiber cloth.

To browse their large selection of sunglasses head to today.