2018 saw to it that a number of PC and console games became a trend. 2019 will not be any different. In fact, even if only half of the new games are released, the year will turn out to be quite busy. Last year, game lovers enjoyed the new release of Black Ops 4 and this year, it may be a challenge trying to keep track of all the new releases. To help you Gamers keep track of the busy year ahead, we’ve listed a number of games likely to hit the 2019 market.

  1. Kingdom of Hearts III

Thirteen years ago, the new Kingdom Hearts was released. The long wait for a conclusion might finally come to an end in 2019. Fans are only increasing in number and game lovers have expectations for a late-January release date. In this game, players will have to travel through different Disney worlds as they face off fierce anime baddies.

  1. Anthem

Anthem’s BioWare developers are determined to release the game in 2019. This game needs to be released this year in order for the developers to remain competent. If they fail, it may be the end of their existence. The game is therefore expected to be a hit.

BioWare is likely to have a Destiny-like shooter. After the disappointment of the mass effect game to the fans, gamers are holding out hope that the producers will not make the same mistake. Destiny did not give a complete story, leaving many fans disappointed. BioWare will not make the same mistake in this next big release in February.

  1. Shenmue 3

When Dreamcast released the original game on Shenmue, fans felt they may never get the chance to watch another duology on the same. In 2001, the game was left where a very young martial artist was still looking for his father’s killer. However, the gaming industry is very different than it was eighteen years ago –Shenmue was a very impressive game back then. It will get released in August both in the PS4 and PC. We all hope that this release will have new tactics with regard to the new developments in technology.

  1. Wasteland 3

This is a 1980’s role-playing game. For 26 years, the game had not received any follow up. Wasteland is known to have inspired the fallout sequel. Wasteland 3 is expected to have an element of tactical combat that involves a lot of turn-taking. In this game, every step and decision that users make really matters. The choice of weapons and troops will determine how victorious or weak a party is in the eyes of their foes.

The good news from this game is that users will not struggle through the apocalypse all alone. This game has been created in a way that a player is given characters and other supplies to push you through to the end. This is a game where users can invite their friends to join. However, every party can decide to be in control of their troops without interfering with the other troop. In addition to this, the story choices by each squad can affect the other party thus the more need to choose a trustworthy buddy.

The best and worst thing about this game is that it takes place in a snow-covered land. If users fail to make it through, they might freeze to death. The developer of this game, Brian Fargo is likely to retire once he releases this game. He definitely has to retire in style. Wasteland 3 may prove to be the best of 2019.


These are just a few examples of games that are likely to take control of the show in 2019. The games are mostly a completion of what was already started in prior releases. As a gamer, you ought to ensure safety and comfort before playing any game. If you play games on a computer, always make use of the best gaming mousepads in the market. It makes the game more comfortable.