BHearing – Hearing Amplifier with Bluetooth | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

There are about 48 million people who suffer from some form of hearing loss in the United States. BHearing from Jabees is a new hearing amplifier that’s making it easier than ever for people to hear in any type of situation.

Bhearing is the Bluetooth personal sound to improve files with the APP that the user can fit, program and control the headphones on their own.

According to the hearing health foundation, about 48 million people are suffering from hearing loss in the United States and 360 million people are hearing impaired worldwide, but only 5 % of them are using hearing aids.

Jabees thinks there are 2 reasons. The first one is the price. The average price of a hearing aid is $4,700 us dollars which is too expensive for many people. The second is the stigma that most people don’t want to be noticed as hearing impaired, so BHearing is here to help.

Jabees has several customers that can buy and test the Bhearing on site and contain 2-3 features that they like the most.

The first one is the adjustable noise protection, the user can adjust the level of the noise based on the environment. The second is when there is a sudden high volume, the sound will be suppressed to prevent damage to a user’s ears. Last but not least the people love the detachable battery which can be charged by the inputted charging case.

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