By: Guy Tal Hauser

The idea that Netflix could eventually start running ads on their streaming service has been under discussion for a number of years, but it wasn’t until limited testing started popping up, that it was considered a real possibility.

With a reported 140 million monthly users, Netflix doesn’t seem in any danger of losing their spot as the top video streaming provider. Though, a recent study surveyed about 16,000 Netflix subscribers to see how they would react if ads were introduced. The results are pretty eye-opening.

57% of those surveyed said they would end their relationship with the streaming giant if ads started to appear on the service. The survey was conducted in a number of countries including the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark. The study also sought to see if a lowered subscription price would entice them to stay.

“And even when presenting the Netflix users [with] a scenario where Netflix lowered the subscription price while introducing commercials, around half still confirm that it would make them stop watching content on Netflix,” the report states.

This scenario isn’t exactly without any foundation. Last year Netflix began testing between-video ads, promoting other content on their platform. Users reported seeing ads for Netflix originals before their next video played. It’s not like anyone’s seeing a commercial for Charmin or Geico, but still, they weren’t exactly doing backflips over the intrusion into their 10-hour binge session.

While the survey results do show that subscribers would take real issue with commercials being added, it doesn’t take into account the nuance of the question. Something tells me that if Netflix were to start showing 30-second ads for their Netflix original movies and shows every now and then, people might not like it, but I doubt we’d see them lose more than half of their business to this either.

Sure, if they were to go the route of Hulu and make it feel like YouTube or regular TV, this could pose a problem, but there’s no sense that Netflix is even entertaining that set-up. For now, enjoy your uninterrupted content, and put your worries to rest.

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Guy Tal Hauser is a regular tech beat reporter and Videographer for NewsWatch.  He lives in Maryland with his wife and loves all things tech.