ASPCA Mobile App

By: Ramon Martinez

Dog owners usually have their smartphone with them when they take their dog out. If you are a dog owner, why not load your phone with a few useful doggie-friendly apps that can provide helpful services while you’re out and about?

Here are three mobile apps that fulfill many different needs while not taking up too much space on a mobile device.

ASPCA Mobile App

The ASPCA mobile app is designed to assist pet owners to deal with natural disasters, emergencies, and bad weather that affect how their pet behaves. We all know that dogs don’t handle loud noises, thunder, lightning, and freak weather events particularly well. They are known to run away, not realizing that the safest place for them to be is right where they were – at home.

Dogs can get highly agitated if they become upset by loud noises. They can bite their owner without intending to do them harm. They may also bite other people too. If a dog bites a stranger, then the victim of the dog attack might hire a dog bite attorney to represent them. This could be in pursuit of compensation for medical expenses, suffering or physical damages caused by a dog. A quality attorney like Swenson & Shelley that specializes in representing people injured by an owner’s dog is a good place to learn about the legal ramifications of dog ownership.

It’s sensible for dog owners to buy dog insurance. It covers medical expenses, but some policies also cover potential liability issues too.

Dog Walk

The Dog Walk app from Tractiv runs on both iOS and Android mobile devices. It is an exercise app that will track both dog owner and their dog on daily walks. The GPS sensor in the phone is turned on for this one and links to a satellite map to track progress made.

The app has a photography mode to grab some doggie snaps while out on the walk. Dog walking routes are savable so you can pull up a list of favorite ones and follow along. Friends can also get together by sharing their favorite route and meeting up. This only works if both parties have the Dog Walk app installed.


11Pets is designed to provide health information about pets. The app can keep track of prescribed medication, upcoming vaccinations, and regular worming to keep an owner’s pet in the best health possible.

Keep a list of lab documents. Take photos and store them in a separate photo gallery. Maintain relevant ownership records in one place. Store information on basic pet care too. Know when the dog was recently groomed and by which pet grooming business. Also, the date when their ears were cleaned last is recorded too. The 11Pets app is pretty comprehensive for pet owners.

There are other useful devices like a GPS tracker for your dog to find them should they run off or get lost. However, for affordable standalone apps, it’s hard to beat the recommended ones covered in this article.


Ramon Martinez is a regular writer and tech beat producer for NewsWatch. He loves all things tech and exploring the newest gadgets.