Should I Answer – Say “No” to Unsolicited Calls | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Every single day you can encounter some sort of spam call or text. In fact, unsolicited calls from telemarketing to scam artists looking to separate you from your money or time can get so out of hand, you’re doing nothing but fielding them all day long.

Should I Answer is an app that works to protect you from unsolicited calls. The app uses a unique worldwide database of unsolicited calls.

These include numbers reported to the Do Not Call Registry and to the FCC and community reviews – even your own reports can help to save someone’s day.

There is also a team at Should I Answer that manually culls information and investigates certain numbers to make sure the database is accurate.

With this protective app at work in your phone, it will work to either notify you when you receive a call from one of these numbers or even block the number altogether. It also takes your own privacy very seriously, doesn’t require personal information, and it doesn’t copy or send any of your personal data anywhere.

You can also set the level of protection according to your needs, from simple alerts to direct blocking.

Download the Should I Answer app for free in the Google Play or App Store today.