Custom Truck One Source – Building Equipment for a Breadth of Industries | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report

Custom Truck One Source is the very first single-source provider of specialized truck and heavy equipment solutions. With 26 locations spanning across North America, Custom Truck One Source builds equipment for a breadth of industries, ranging from forestry to railroad.

Custom Truck covers refuge, utility, forestry, concrete, roofing, road building, bridge building; everything in-between. They also have a rental division that rents to all of those markets.

They’ve gone to a vertical type of organization where they want to manufacture what is sold and rented. Custom Truck has the ability to install and manufacture every piece of equipment that they build and only looking to integrate more.

Custom Truck believes this is the new model for them: to be able to move across the country, to be able to build what they sell. To service it, sell it, rent it, buy it back when it’s through and remarket it – a true cradle to the grave operation.

They build their own dump bodies in-house, their own mechanics bodies as well as their own roofing conveyers. There’s very little that’s imported. Almost everything they do is made in America, built in America, and servicing America’s needs.

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