The smartphone is an essential feature for everyone today. It’s so essential in fact that even toddlers can use them without assistance to watch various videos online. For communication purposes, we have handed our kids phones from a very tender age. As such, they shouldn’t be just given the phone and left without supervision. As the adult, you need to continually monitor the child’s activities so that they do not stray and get into trouble later.

Developers have been at work coming up with ways for parents to keep track of their loved ones discreetly. Here are just a few reliable ways;

Android device manager

Just like Apple, Google also devised a way to help Android users keep track of their phones and act on them if they get stolen. Android device manager on some phones is pre-installed, and on others, you will have to do it yourself. As such you will then need to configure the app by attaching the relevant google account to the app. When that is done, you can track the device from anywhere in the world on a PC or laptop connected to the internet.

However, you should note that the device has to be powered on and connected to the internet for tracking to be successful. With this app, you can make the phone ring remotely, find out where it is and even remotely wipe all the data on the phone to avoid it falling into the wrong hands. Google has a host of other ways of tracking and monitoring android phone. Find out which they are here;

Use FoneMonitor

This is a versatile app that’s compatible with both IOS and Android devices. It has been designed to give the users a friendly and super responsive interface so that no matter which device you are using to monitor the phone, you can do it without struggling. This app once installed runs in the background logging all activity happening in the device. You can, therefore, be able to view the target phone’s contacts, internet browsing history, SMS, social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat.

If you need to know where the person has been, the app will promptly display the GPS location history and show everywhere they have recently been. If you are uninterested in a real-time location, FoneMonitor can also do that.

Use Spyzie

Spyzie is yet another app that enables its users to track and monitor activities on a particular device. This app is available for both Android and iPhone. With this app, you can monitor every little activity on the phone such as GPS locations, web browsing data, media files on the phone, social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram among others.

The great advantage this app has over some of the others on this space is that it doesn’t need the users to get root access to their devices. This ensures that even the less technologically savvy people can use the app without a problem. While configuring the app, you can choose to let it be displayed on the list of apps on the phone, or you can decide to let it run on stealth mode. This way, it cannot be uninstalled conventionally without a factory reset.