Instagram Stories

On Instagram, increasing the number of followers remains a big challenge whether you are just starting out here or a well-established brand. If you want to expand your post reach and grow your audience then Instagram stories are an absolute must as one-third Instagram stories (most viewed) come from brands or businesses. Using Insta-stories to grow your audience is a good way to get followers organically by purchasing followers. But what are the best way to use them in order to grow your account? Follow the below tips to spice up the most viewed section of Instagram and use them in a way you haven’t thought of.

Story Highlights to introduce to your brand:

When your potential followers visit your profile, they perhaps don’t know who you are and what you do. Generally, people use their bio to make the first impression as it explains quickly who you are and what you will offer here that convince the visitors to follow you. But With the launch of story highlight feature, you can tell your brand story not only on your bio but also use story highlights to introduce your brand to your followers. You can make a short trailer for your brand and post it as your story, then highlight that story to show others what you offer and what you are all about.

Use polls to engage your audience:

Polls are a great tool when it comes to engaging your audience. Moreover, you can use it for audience research to create good content that performs well with your target audience. Create a poll and ask your Instagarm followers what type of content they want to see on your profile.

Short videos:

On Instagram, it is the hottest trend to share cropped videos that together make a longer video because you can add only 15-second video on your story. There are tons of apps that you can use to slice the video into smaller parts and upload it as long video. For instance, use storeo which is a free app and available on iOS.

Unique templates:

Use the templates to make your stories more unique and creative e.g. you can use questionnaire templates to engage your followers. The more you get higher engagement, the more you get followers with buying followers on Instagram. You can check out Easil to create templates that help you to stand out from the crowd. Even you can create custom templates to entertain your audience. You can offer them free templates to use that will increase engagement.

Use hashtags with your stories:

In order to gain more followers from your stories is with hashtag sticker. Use the trending hashtags in your stories that help your content to appear on the hashtag page. You can use up to 10 hashtags stickers to your stories. Now people can also follow the hashtag like they follow their favorite accounts. Moreover, it makes your content discoverable that in turns give you a number of followers with buying Instagram followers.