Fromaggio – Explore the World of Healthy, Delicious and Customizable Cheese | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Tired of overpaying for unhealthy and culture-less cheese? So are we! With Fromaggio you can explore the world of healthy and delicious customizable cheeses.

Fromaggio is here to bring healthy, artisanal-quality cheese to your kitchen counter, requiring little to no effort on your part.

Fromaggio is the first smart cheesemaker for the home. It can make any type of cheese, soft or hard. It has a press in it which can press up to 30 psi. You can make parmesan, you can make a chevre and you can make mozzarella. With all these efforts, Fromaggio is aiming to disrupt the industry, one cheesemaker at a time.

The way it works is you simply pour in the milk and you follow the instructions. All of the instructions are programmed into our app. You simply click on a recipe; this is a feta recipe, and you send it to the machine.

So it’s very easy to do. There’s a limitless amount of cheeses that you can actually make with the app.

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