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Any business looking to survive long-term has to consider improving their working capital. When’s it’s declining it indicates the business is failing but if it’s improving the business is succeeding.

It can be frustrating for finance, sales, and procurement managers when they set targets for improving working capital without having at-hand evidence as to whether or not that’s even possible.

Enter TermsCheck.com by Informita.

TermsCheck.com collects payment term information on companies in over 180 countries and allows you to compare your customer and supplier terms against that database.

This allows you a direct comparison model so you can see what other companies have achieved.

Sometimes that information will tell you that your terms are below market norms, and sometimes it’ll tell you that your terms are better or equal to the market.

With that information, you can go about setting the best payment terms and improving your financial liquidity.

The process is simple. You send your information and then TermsCheck.com will compare it to their database of 990,000 records.

TermsCheck.com then provides you with your results so that you can make more informed changes to your payment terms with suppliers or customers.

Be better informed by heading to TermsCheck.com before your next negotiation.