As technology advances and the internet became a more widely available (and reliable) more industries and businesses are moving their operations online, targeting more consumers and in some cases, a whole new set of people have found themselves enjoying a new online activity that would never have appeared before.

One of the industries that have made a success from moving online is the gambling industry providing players with a wide selection of games to enjoy not online from their desktops but also via their mobiles devices.

The trend towards increasing numbers who choose to use their smartphones for sourcing not only information and buying goods online it has led to some surprising turn around in tastes, and perhaps the most surprising is the trend towards online bingo.

Over the last few years, online bingo has become one of the most popular games to be played by thousands of people throughout the world and not is the game fun to play but recent reports suggest that bingo is actually good for the health and general wellbeing of those that enjoy a game or two.

This is because when a bingo room is full of players then the game becomes fun and exciting to play and both laughing and being excited boots the immune system, relieves stress, and this, in turn, can improve overall health.

Another plus point in favor of playing bingo is that players hand-eye coordination improves making overall reaction time quicker.

The social side lies at the heart of any bingo game whether it is online or in a bricks and mortar hall and playing at mobile bingo websites has been proven to actually help those people that are suffering from depression, and in some cases the game can reduce the feelings of isolation, something that many people suffer from.

Short term memory loss affects many people and bingo has been proven to improve short-term memory as it helps to boost cognitive abilities and keep players alert. Those that play online bingo and are older have reported great improvements in their short-term memory after just a few days of playing bingo.

Another surprising and positive effect of playing bingo is that it can actually speed up the healing process. In fact, researchers have reported that after offering patients who are recovering from surgery and other injuries that bingo games actually helped them to heal more quickly than those who did not get the offer.

Being able to play whenever and wherever you choose makes bingo also one of the most popular online mobile games, especially as you can pick up the game for a few minutes or settle down for a full session, games can even be played automatically if life has something else planned.

In fact, online bingo transferred over perfectly to the smaller screen which means that players can pick up their games whilst catching up with family and friends, enjoying a few laughs and be in with a chance of a win.

You will find the best online bingo sites are also on lists like the top 10 bingo websites as they will also offer a full range of other games to try if a change of pace is required making your bingo site the only place you need to go for all of your gaming needs.

All plus points and all great reason why online bingo is now one of the coolest games to play.