Socialize Positively with Awesome | Newswatch Review


A casual glance across the surface of the internet and it becomes evident what this world really needs is more positivity.

Well, we’ve found an awesome way to do just that. Awesome is a social network app that focuses on positivity.

Partake in Awesome Challenges that give you a fun game to spread your positivity far and wide.

You’ll see challenges like “Take your spouse to lunch” or “thumb wrestle your neighbor” or “10,000 puppies” which focuses on adopting pets.

From top to bottom, the app is about bright colors and happy vibes. As you share photos and messages with friends and family you’ll earn Awesome points that’ll make your Awesome Ring glow brighter.

As more people share it and get in on the fun action, Awesome points will be flying left and right.

You can also purchase and gift points to help friends level-up, with shiny animated gold coins.

You can share themed coins like Love, Laugh, Awesome and even Happy Birthday.

So spread some awesome today by downloading Awesome free in the Google Play or App Store.