Guardian Angel App, For Your Safety | Newswatch Review


According to the FBI, a violent crime happens every 26 seconds and a property crime happens every 4 seconds in the United States.

The Guardian Angel app was developed to help people who fall victim to these crimes, giving them the power to take back their lives.

Guardian Angel is a personal security application that is designed for the absolute worst moment of your life. When such a situation arises, you need to be able to have an opportunity to capture that moment and with that, have an opportunity to reach out and get help immediately.

When your phone is locked, at the bottom it has either SOS or emergency. When you download the application, the application itself is running in the background and waiting for you. All you have to do in a potential moment of crisis is pinch it and activate your guardian.

The guardian will then receive an SMS text and will state that they have a “Guardian Emergency.” They’re literally watching what you see in the video feed.

Guardian Angel saw that there was a real personal need for everyone to be able to protect themselves and thus the app was born.

It’s almost a no-brainer to have on your phone. So make sure you and your family are protected today by heading to