Clean Efficiently and Effortlessly with Hobot | Newswatch Review

Tech Report

If you’ve ever used a robot vacuum, then you know how convenient it is to have one of these little guys vacuum your floor regularly.

HOBOT has taken this concept even further with its Vacuum-Mop 4-in-1.

HOBOT engineers thoroughly studied the process that professionals use to wash floors and duplicated that in this nifty device. Here’s how it works.

The HOBOT LEGEE-669 uses an advanced navigation system that allows it to bypass obstacles and objects, precisely mapping out its path in every room.

Utilizing a set of laser sensors it determines its exact position and avoids scuffing up any innocent bystanders.

The power vacuum cleaner pump sucks in small debris, and even dog and cat fur while the cleaning pads underneath simulate the movement of hands, oscillating 10 times per second in order to remove dried stains and other particles.

The next stage has the LEGEE-668 spraying water so that it softens up dried stains and dirt and then removes them with a thorough wiping.

The rear cleaning pad finishes up the job by not only absorbing moisture and wiping up remnants of the stain but polishing the floor without you lifting a finger.

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