Safedome, Find Everything with Bluetooth TrackingTechnology | Newswatch Review


Misplacing your keys or wallet is so common it seems this inconvenient slip of the mind was programmed into our very DNA. Thankfully, technology is so advanced that we’re able to rely on it in moments of stress.

Safedome is a leader in the field of Bluetooth tracking devices with an additional focus on style and aesthetics.

The Safedome Recharge Card Bluetooth Tracker is the same size as a credit card allowing it to fit neatly in your wallet, purse, or anything else you can’t afford to lose, sliding cleanly in any credit card slot.

And if you ever misplace your phone you can find it in a matter of seconds by ringing it with your card.

The Safedome Premium Leather Bluetooth Key Finder attaches cleanly to any key chain to help you track down your keys when you’re rushing out the door.

The Safedome app will allow you to access all of its features and find your keys no matter where they’re hiding.

Then there’s the very cool Safedome Backpack with its unique biometric fingerprint lock, with one touch it unlocks.

Keep your valuables safe while you’re on the go by turning your backpack into a portable safe.

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