Seek Adventure with Onak Origami Canoes | Newswatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’re like us, you love exploring and seeking new adventures. One product that’s helping us do just that is Onak.

ONAK, a foldable origami canoe, was designed in Belgium to be conveniently transported and assembled without the hassle of a traditional canoe.

It’s big enough for you and a companion to share the freedom and experience a new adventure.

The stiff and rugged design allows you to cut through the water and brave against any conditions fate might throw your way.

The compact design allows you to transport it in any number of ways.

Throw it in your trunk, on your bike, or just carry it.

With a desire to connect you to nature, it’s only fitting that this foldable canoe is entirely recyclable.

So don’t let the inconvenience of traditional canoe transport and storage stop you.

Head out into tranquil waters or go wild in white water today with the ONAK origami canoe.

You can purchase one of your own by visiting