Encrypt Your DNS Queries with SecureDNS | Newwatch Review


Domain Name Systems or DNS are often referred to as the phone book of the internet.

You may not be aware of this service but every time you type in a website, your DNS translate that addresses out for a more friendly numeric address that computers understand.

Unfortunately, DNS servers come under attack routinely by hackers putting your data at risk.

That’s where SecureDNS comes in.

Unlike VPNs that reroute your traffic or mask your IP address, SecureDNS works to protect you by encrypting your DNS queries.

This makes your DNS queries completely anonymous and prevents anyone from redirecting your traffic, leaving you to make your way to your internet destination unscathed.

Because of its very nature, SecureDNS also acts as a tracking and ad-blocker. This super secure app blocks out known ad and tracking domains.

Using SecureDNS is as easy as turning it on and forgetting about it.

The app will do all the heavy lifting. And if you happen to come across an app that isn’t compatible with SecureDNS, simply go to the settings and exclude it. It’ll just bypass that app, leaving your activity uninterrupted.

Head over to the Google Play Store to start your free trial today.