Reach Your Goals and Find Community with MyClimb App | NewsWatch Review


Climbing, whether for sport or exercise, is about continual progress until you reach the top. But there’s always the next climb. Here’s something to help you track your journey and to keep you motivated within a climbing community.

MyClimb was designed for tracking climbing progress, setting and reaching your goals, and supporting fellow climber. Whether you’re climbing in a gym or climbing outside, you can use MyClimb to log any climb, anywhere, right now.

You’ll be able to see your progress over time and be reminded of your past successes. MyClimb is also there to help you progress. MyClimb offers custom workouts that help lend structure to your training and also challenges that keep motivation high.

Then, of course, there’s the social aspect. Meet other like-minded climbers directly through the app and find inspiration.

You can follow activity in your favorite climbing areas and even see live updates from the entire MyClimb community around the world. And with nearly 2 million climbs logged in over 9,000 locations in the app, the MyClimb Community is the place to meet other supportive climbers locally or when traveling around the world.

Download the MyClimb app for free in the Google Play or App Store today.