Take the Headache out of Real Estate with Mapping My Tour | NewsWatch Review


Real estate agents spend a good amount of time traveling from property to property for showings, clocking some heavy travel time on the road.

Well, here’s a way to cut down on some travel time by finding the best routes.

Mapping My Tour is an app that instantly organizes the addresses of real estate showings and offers up the most practical and efficient route from location to location.

Tours are neatly stored and easily accessed by date, tracking your business mileage at the same time. If you need to share a tour and driving directions with a client, that’s a piece of cake too. You have an option to e-mail or text it right to their phone.

By cutting down on time between locations and planning your day with minimal wasted time, you can concentrate on selling homes in the most efficient way possible.

With your tours tracked, you can also download a report with all your business mileage, making it perfect for tax season.

And hey, it adds an element of professionalism as well. You can download the Mapping My Tour app in Google Play or the Apple Store today.