Drop the Chemicals and Pick Up Pro Organic | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

There’s a sharp difference between chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers. While chemical fertilizers might yield some results in the short-term, they contaminate groundwater for decades. That’s why when choosing fertilizer you should go organic.

Shin Nong Pro-Organic fertilizer is 100% organic from top to bottom and without animal manure.

Now, there are a lot of fertilizers on the market that claim to be organic, but if you look closely, they aren’t 100%. And since the plant will absorb the inorganic Nitrogen from manure first, it’s pretty much the same as a chemical fertilizer.

Shin Nong developed a way to combine the natural Rare Earth Elements or REEs that are used for agricultural purposes into their fertilizer. REEs are known to promote the germination of seeds, color enhancement, and root development.

Shin Nong’s Pro Organic is formulated with natural ingredients that influence the biological processes of plants toward increased yield capacity. It also helps plants develop bigger and stronger roots and makes them capable of holding more water and nutrients while keeping the soil healthy.

It protects our nature and even just for the best result, PRO ORGANIC is incomparable with any other products on the market. You can choose between four different Shin Nong fertilizers depending on your needs.

These include all-purpose, bonsai, lawn, and tree & shrub. If you’re looking for healthy fertilizer that encourages the best results, head over to ShinNong.org today.