Aggressive advertising, different prohibitions, and annoying hackers are the main reasons to use virtual private networks. For thousands of users, using a VPN app is self-evident. Currently, there are plenty of operators on the market that promise to anonymize user requests using screening methods. Some of them are free, and others, which can be found on vpn-review.com, offer their services for a monthly fee. Most operators promise fully anonymous and safeguarded surfing for a small monthly fee. However, it is essential to check how safe they are.

How does VPN work?

The abbreviation VPN comes from the words Virtual Private Network and is a method for ensuring the user’s confidential and secure linkage to the network. Using this service, a person can surf the web in the usual way, but his identity remains unknown. This is what VPN operators offer in their business model. They promise users to hide their identity using PC applications or software.

Weak Points

However, the concealing system for IPs has one flaw. Who can guarantee that an unidentified service will not record info about what its customers are doing online? From a technical point of view, this is simple and done on a large scale. For example, it is possible to find  280 applications on Google Play that record user behavior. It is more than 75% of total VPN clients. And such data is very valuable for the advertising industry and the authorities of totalitarian countries. But even if operators are serious about data safeguarding, the legislation will force the operator to transfer customer data to law enforcement agencies or special services.


Even users who use VPN anonymity leave clear traces. An IP address is no longer the only way to identify a user. For example, many created websites identify visitors to their websites by browser fingerprint, which contains info about installed extensions, the operating system used, and the monitor resolution. And logging in via Google, Facebook or Twitter completely destroys your anonymity even if you use special software security.

A Question of Trust

Do the services of virtual private network, despite their weaknesses, offer greater security for privacy? Yes, they do! The quality of encryption and the speed of the VPN connection still can be improved if you use the proper VPN. However, despite the use of VPN, such classic measures as anonymous browsers are still needed to leave as few traces as possible.

Paid or free VPN?

You should not use free apps. If the it is free, then something is wrong there, because anonymity always cost money. A serious service provider must demand payment.

Trancemission Record

Familiarize yourself with the technical data of the operator. What does the service say about connection data? You should find information that the service does not store any connection data.


Find out how the operator encrypts the data between your PC and VPN. 256-bit AES encryption is recommended.

Server Location

The service must have own servers. This promises much more security than rented servers.