There are two types of online casino players: people who win small sums of cash occasionally and gamblers that win once in a lifetime jackpots. We all wish we won millions of dollars. Imagine how the money would impact your life. For the following five people, their wildest dreams came true after they won millions of dollars playing slot machines.

#10: Norwegian Strikes $8.63M on a Norse Mythology Game

In 2017, a Norwegian man fascinated by Norse mythology placed a small wager on the Hall of Gods game. Although the 47-year-old was playing to win, he was dumbfounded to discover he had won $8.63 million from the slot’s progressive jackpot.

Such huge wins are hard to come by, not especially when players on hundreds of casinos contest progressive jackpots. What’s more, Hall of Gods has a maximum win rate of 7500 coins. And since most players don’t usually have the pot in mind when wagering on minimum bet, winning $8.63 million was such an unexpected victory for the Norwegian.

#9: Mysterious Player Wins $8.73 Million

It’s not unusual for people to win enormous amounts of cash and choose to remain anonymous. In 2015, this is precisely what a Betsson player did after landing $8.73 million playing the Halls of God slot machine.

Plenty of other people have won loads of cash at online casinos and remained quiet about it. But when you earn enough money to clear your mortgage and sustain your family for years, it takes a humble heart not to tell the world about it.

#8: Swedish Woman becomes 5th Casino Millionaire ($8.63M)

Although the first online casino launched in the mid-1990s, it took until the 2000s for gambling sites to produce millionaires. In 2012, Sweden produced the 5th casino millionaire after a local banker won €7.6 at the Unibet casino.

Like most people, the winner’s first reaction was disbelief. But after the casino called her to confirm the win, the banker revealed she would complete her house mortgage and take her family on a trip to Thailand.

#7: Largest Mobile Jackpot Won on an iPad ($8.82M)

A woman who chose to remain anonymous won $8.82 million playing an unnamed slot machine in 2016 using her iPad. It was the biggest pot ever won on a mobile device. Surprisingly, the jackpot also came from a measly $1 bet.

If that sounds too little, you’ll be surprised to learn you qualify for progressive jackpots by wagering 25 cents on some games. Find out more about jackpot slots here, including the most rewarding casino games.

#6: Mega Moolah Breaks Mobile Jackpot Record ($9.92M)

Less than a year after someone won the highest ever mobile jackpot, a Mega Moolah player broke this record by hitting $9.92 on her smartphone in April 2017. But unlike the previous winner, this player wagered slightly higher bets at $7.2 million per spin.

The winner chose to remain anonymous, and details about their gender or country of origin were never revealed.

#5: Alex from Sweden wins $9.57 Million

Three years after a Swedish woman won $8.63 million to become the fifth casino millionaire, another Swede broke the bank playing NetEnt’s Mega Fortune game. Like his compatriot, Alex’s first order of business was to clear his mortgage and then purchase a new car. He would also lay low and hope not to alarm unwanted attention from fake friends.

#4: Insomnia leads to $13.47 Million

What would you do if you lost sleep, played a slot game midnight and won $13.47 million? You would think it was a dream, right? For a young man from Norway, this is precisely what happened in 2011.

After failing to catch sleep, the Norwegian logged in to his favorite casino and began to play Mega Fortune. But unbeknown to him, he won a Guinness World Record casino win of €11.74 million. Too stoked to sleep, he spent the next few hours convincing himself he was not dreaming.

#3: War Veteran wins $17.2 Million

Life has a way of fixing things. In 2015, a British veteran whose dad was sick had his prayers answered after he won a staggering $17.2 million from a 25-cent jackpot. Predictably, the player’s first intention was to find quality treatment for his father.

Although Betway didn’t reveal the game played, Jon Heywood won from a Microgaming slot machine. The UK-based software provider also congratulated Heywood on his win. Again, Microgaming announced it had paid out $5.76 billion to winners.

#2: Former Guinness World Record: €17.89M

The immediate former world record win on a slot machine happened in 2013 when a man playing Mega Fortune won a whopping €17,861,800. Considering he landed the pot on a bet worth 25 cents, this is also the highest return to investment any gambler would dream of having.

The Finnish winner, understandably, couldn’t hide his euphoria.

“I laughed and cried at the same time,” the man said.

Of course, it doesn’t take much to imagine the impact the money had in his life. He probably bought a sports car, invested in a new house, or donated a fortune to his favorite charity.

#1: New World Record (€18.9M/$21M)

Last September, Mega Moolah proved why it’s the king of progressive jackpots after paying out a gargantuan €18,915,872 to a lucky online casino player. Like most jackpot winners, the current world record holder hit the pot after betting 75 cents.

What’s more, the jackpot was won through an android smartphone. The winner got his paycheck in full, of course, turning him into an instant millionaire from a near-zero investment. According to the Grand Mondial Casino, it took less than 50 spins for the unnamed player to hit the jackpot.

To Conclude

Dreams do come true. But on online casinos, it takes immeasurable patience, playing the right blackjack game and hoping you get lucky. For most gamblers, luck comes in the form of small wins. Obviously, winning $10,000 from a $1 bet is still something to cherish. But when you win $10 million, $15 million or $21 million from less than €1—that’s a win you’ll live to remember.