Makeup Tips with Jamie Greenberg

Is your makeup and skincare regimen ready to beat the heat?

With this summer’s constant heatwaves, Americans everywhere are striving to achieve that dewy, bronzed, glow that can survive a hot, humid day.

Whether it’s adding a hint of highlighter to your cheekbones or making sure your skin is hydrated to boost your glow, there are a few steps you can add to your regimen to get that desired look, according to Celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg, some of Jamie’s tips include:

TIME TO DEW AND BRONZE: A dewy and bronzed look starts with skincare. Before applying your makeup, be sure to prep your skin and exfoliate to leave your skin naturally glowing.

PROTECT: Most beauty products contain SPF which is a great way to protect your skin in the sun and help your look last.

Even if you do catch a little too much sun, Aloe can act as a natural anti-inflammatory and helps you cool down to keep your irritated skin hydrated.

MAINTAIN THE LOOK: When you’re running around this summer, consider carrying facial mists in your purse throughout the day because they can wake up tired makeup and skin.

BEAUTY ON THE GO: Keep it simple when shopping for beauty products for travel and buy sets that come with everything in one.