By: Nick Gambino

A new report from Bloomberg indicates a lot of big changes coming down the pike for Apple products. The one that’s got me the most excited is the promise of a pair of Pro iPhones that sport triple-lens cameras.

According to the still-unconfirmed report, two of the three iPhones set for launch by the end of this year will include a new three-lens system that will allow for ultra-wide-angle photography. Consider the current field of view on your iPhone. Now imagine if you could zoom out even further without having to physically move back so that you can capture a wider image.

This new camera system would solve that awkward group photo where everyone doesn’t fit into frame and someone has to yell “C’mon, guys, cram in!” “No, Bill, this is a friendly photo, not a re-enactment of Human Centipede.”

The sensors on the back of the camera capture three separate images at the same time and use AI software to stitch them together to look like one. Finally, we’ll have an option between landscape and panorama.

The iPhone cameras are receiving other expected upgrades like higher-res photos and improved low-light capture. There’s a new feature being added that will allow you to edit videos as you record. Specifically, you’ll be able to apply filters and effects, retouch the video and reframe or crop it in real-time.

Apple is adding one other capability that I’ve been harping on since the advent of Face ID. The new phones will carry a multi-angle Face ID senor that allows the iPhone to recognize your face even if it’s lying flat in front of you. In other words, you won’t have to pick up your phone and stare directly into the face of it to get it to recognize you.

Other than usual upgrades to performance, screen sensitivity and slight cosmetic tweaks, the iPhone will sport a feature that allows you to charge your AirPods by placing them in a wireless charging case and placing them on the back of your phone. This allows for a quick charge if you don’t have access to a charging pad or cord.

In addition to exciting news on the iPhone front, Bloomberg reports that we’ll see a 16-inch MacBook Pro, 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros and a new Apple Watch with slight improvements before the year is out.