Baby Shusher – Award-Winning Sleep Device for Babies | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

One of the most difficult tasks as a new parent is figuring out how to get their little one to sleep. There are a million and one techniques from published experts to clinical practices but The Baby Shusher is one that actually works.

This award-winning sleep device provides a doctor-tested and approved technique
for parents, producing a soothing and rhythmic shushing sound that engages the baby’s natural calming reflex that mimics what it was like in the womb.

It even uses a real human voice to replicate the reassuring voice of a parent. The 15 to 30-minute timers enable long shushing sessions to ensure you can get even the most resistant sleepers to doze off into a deep sleep.

The removable wrist strap gives you the option of carrying your baby while the Baby Shusher lulls them to sleep.

If you’re on the go and forget this handy device, don’t worry.

The Baby Shusher app comes with all the same great features, including a built-in Sound Equalizer that allows the app to “listen” to your baby every three minutes to automatically adjust the shush volume accordingly.

You can purchase the Baby Shusher today by visiting