Sleep Soundly with Privacy Pop, Your Bed’s Best Accessory | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Remember when you were a kid and the joy you experienced building a tent fort on your bed? There was a certain level of comfort and privacy that cozy tent provided that’s been hard to duplicate as an adult.

That is, until now. Privacy Pop is a bed tent that allows for better sleep during naptime, bedtime, or alone time for adults and kids.

It provides a snug fit around your existing mattress creating an atmosphere of privacy and seclusion. This is especially useful in uncomfortable sleeping quarters like a dorm, barracks, or other shared spaces.

Even if your room is comfortable, the Privacy Pop Bed Tent helps you avoid that blast of the bright morning sun that wakes you every day against your will. Zipping the doors allows you to customize your level of privacy. If you’re ready to be shut off from the world, simply zip them up all the way.

Mesh windows on the head and foot of the tent allow for necessary airflow.

It’s available in a number of sizes from Toddler to King. Turn your bed into an oasis with the Privacy Pop Bed Tent for Better Sleep at