SharesInside – A Global Tool Putting Everyone in the Know | NewsWatch Review


If you’re an investor – whether you’re an individual or company – you want the most on-demand and accurate information at your fingertips. SharesInside is a global tool that puts everyone in the know-how, providing investors with unfiltered information from companies all around the world.

The reason for SharesInside is that investors and several companies can actually communicate on a global stage. Companies are facing the problem of being unable to control the news. They publish the news to certain parties and lose control of the news at the moment.

With SharesInside they have the advantage – they know what’s going out. They know exactly which investor is going to reach and all the investors get the information for free, wherever they are for all the companies which are active in the global market.

The goal for SharesInside is that people are using it for their financial information and investment decisions. Let’s say you have an idea and you’re interested in emerging markets, you click on a country such as Kazakhstan. You go into energy marketing there and you find all the companies which are active in Kazakhstan in this market.

SharesInside provides all the historical data, charts, and everything about the company that’s on there.

Improve your overall investing experience by downloading SharesInside for free from the Google Play or App Store today.