Protect Your Neck and Get Proper Form with the Squat Sponge | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

How many of us can honestly do a proper squat? I know I struggle. And poor form can often result in injury.

Well, all is not lost. Here’s something to help you out. It’s called the Advanced Barbell Pad.

The original Squat Sponge is comprised of molded thick foam with a grooved channel in the center to cradle your spine. It fits snugly on the bar with no chance of sliding back and forth as you work out.

Slip it on and you’ll notice a difference right away. By taking the weight off the upper vertebrae and putting it on the trapeze muscles, you can ensure proper alignment when squatting.

Not only does it offer an unprecedented level of comfort with squats, it supports lunges and hip thrusts as well. You can choose from a variety of colors including red, black, grey, pink and purple.

So if squats are playing hell on your body or you’re just struggling to do them right, check out this little foam helper.

To purchase the original Squat Sponge today, head to