Today, there is no need for accessing a target mobile device for you to install a spy program.  However, all the information needed will be available from the monitored mobile device. So, you need to know the way you can install the spy app remotely to the device on target.

If you are willing to install the phone spy app, there are essential things to consider. For instance, when you want to monitor a cell phone, you need to have a monitoring app at https://cell-phone-spy-software.net/.

There are different ways you can use to spy a cell phone while not accessing it. First, you can start by installing the spy software through the email. For example, do you think your partner is cheating? You have to take his or her phone when the partner is not aware of. If you get the phone, you can install the special spy software through the email.

Here, you have to send the partner an image where they will open it, and that’s it. Their phone will install the software right away and you get the chance of monitoring their daily activities. The method will work perfectly, especially, when you want to send a direct link to your partner. The partner will follow the link to install the program directly on their mobile devices.

Spying without installing a target device with software

Do you think it’s possible to spy on other people’s cell phones without installing spy software?  Yes, you can access your kids, employees, or spouse’s phones. It is a method that works perfectly especially, to people using devices running on iOS. You will not need to have the target Smartphone in your hands for it to work.

For the process to be a success, you need to have Apple’s password and ID.

How to spy a mobile device without access

  • Installing spy app remotely

This trick works perfectly for apple devices – iPad and iPhone. There is something vital and special about their Operating System. For iCloud, its famous cloud storage and, therefore, giving a chance of spying the devices without installing any spying software to them.

It will be essential to find the users details. That can be done easily, in case the device you want to spy will be belonging to your kid or spouse. Here you can enable the iCloud backup and register a personal account of the site of the spy software you choose. You don’t also have to worry about jailbreak. The device you target can still be having its license and warranty.

  • Downloading spy software

If you are targeting to spy an android device, the remote installing will be a complicated process. Besides, it doesn’t activate monitoring software. It will work with some cloud storage, where you have to set the device monitor without getting any physical contact. So, you ask the target to follow the link. The process is tricky, but the only way to do it. There are some users that will pretend to be mobile service representatives so that they can send the installation links to the target devices.