dating app

The internet, and more specifically smartphones, completely changed the face of the dating world. Whatever it is we used to do to jumpstart the social aspect of what amounts to a long, drawn-out mating ritual, is a foggy memory in the era of the dating app.

Apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Plenty of Fish allow people to match with their future soulmate before ever meeting them. It’s kind of like a blind date, but in this case, you’ve swiped left 150 times before settling on (and thoroughly vetting) the person you’re willing to meet face-to-face.

Gone are the days when it was embarrassing to admit you met your significant other online. It’s now an acceptable story as online courtships become more routine. This acceptance is largely due to the popularity of Tinder, OkCupid and others.

None of this would have been possible without the creation of the app for your smartphone. They remove effort, allowing you the convenience of performing virtually any task from the convenience of your couch. And because just about anyone can get into app development, there are a lot of opportunities available for anyone with a bright idea.

When deciding what kind of app you want to develop, the popularity of dating apps makes it a bit of a no-brainer, but you have to know where to start. How do you develop/create a successful dating app like Tinder?


Market research is always the first step when starting any new venture and app development is no exception. Creating a dating app is no different than creating any app – you need to establish the needs and wants of the user. More specifically, you want to establish what void your app can fill that Tinder and co. don’t.

Part of this process will include testing different possible names for the dating app. You need something that stands out and is easily committed to memory. You might want to think with names that can be easily converted into a verb like “Google.”

Revenue Model

Unless you don’t care about money, especially the thought of losing it, then you’re going to have to establish a revenue model for your app. How do you plan to make money? Ads, subscription plans, in-app purchases – all of these are viable options, but you have to establish whatever it is early on so you can build your design around it.

Design of the App

The design and ease-of-use is going to be the make-break of your app. If users can easily navigate in a pleasant app with intuitive and user-friendly features, then you’ve got a fighting chance against the long-standing big dogs in the sphere. The key is to keep it simple.

After conducting research and establishing a name and revenue model, you’re ready to start planning the design. Whether you’re working with an app developer or doing it yourself you’re the one who needs to work out the design and make the decisions.

Once you’ve designed the dating app, you’re going to need to build it, including a basic MVP to make sure it’ll work.

After you’ve gone through the process – building, testing, building, testing – and have worked out all the kinks, you’re ready for launch.

Don’t let this simple guide fool you into thinking this dating app development process is easy. It’s going to require innovation, intuition and long hours. But if you do your research, fill the void left by other popular apps and promote the hell out of it, your dating app just might be the next best thing.