The NBA 2K19 game is the 20th edition of the 2K American professional basketball series, promising to bring players moments of real, professional and fascinating competition.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the NBA 2K series, 2K introduced players to the 2019 NBA version. This game has launched with unique graphics and gameplay, many attractive game modes, especially to explore the impressive open-world Neighborhood.

After the success of NBA 2K18, the 2019 version received a lot of attention from sports enthusiasts in general and basketball in particular. Milwaukee Bucks basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo would be the face of Standard. Besides that, LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers was the face that will appear on the 20th Anniversary Edition.

Like its predecessors, NBA 2K19 was developed based on the American professional basketball tournament. The game recreates exciting and realistic basketball matches. Players will feel like they are on the field, holding the ball, cleverly moving to throw the ball into the basket. Excellent goals help you and your teammates have moments of real sublimation on the stage.

NBA 2K19 game features:

Complete control of players with the new Takeover feature

Harness the basketball potential of MyPLAYER with the new Takeover feature. Unlock special moves, new abilities first appeared in the NBA 2K series, or activate Team Takeover to unlock the power of the whole team.

Neighborhood Events

You will not want to miss one day of the updated Neighborhood event. You will be notified of upcoming events and NBA Futures, register on the field at Under Armor Cages, and in live events. Play the ball until sunset, start the day and go to the night, take a stroll at the Jordan Rec Center, or join your teammates for 3v3 ball games on the street.

Manage MyTEAM

Create your first MyPLAYER card and the ball with LeBron, Kobe… Your collection has not stopped there with a lot of competitive game modes. NBA 2K19 continues to introduce the new Unlimited mode, which allows you to choose any five cards from the deck and play against online gamers.


MyCareer mode is back with a whole new style of storytelling. Players will control an excellent team composed of famous players. Players will try to help the whole team become an NBA phenomenon, and try to follow the path of success of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. The progress of the whole team is shown through cutscenes and many hours of hard training at the gym. If participating in a sufficient number of matches, the player can unlock exclusive control. Being allowed to control two basketball players at the same time is a great thing. At that time, just knowing how to manage appropriately is rarely an opportunity to miss.

Overall, NBA 2K19 owns advanced gameplay with a new motion system which is more realistic and vivid. This game makes you feel like you are immersed in a real basketball match, not just a mobile game or a computer anymore.

It can be seen that this new version has many improvements and new features to enhance the professional basketball gaming experience for gamers. The game is currently supported for free download on Google Play and App Store, let’s download and experience offline.