CrookCatcher – Instantly Find the Person Who Took Your Phone | NewsWatch Review


Getting your phone stolen sucks. With the app CrookCatcher installed on your phone however, you might have a chance at getting it back.

CrookCatcher hides behind your lock screen, ready to jump into action as soon as someone tries to break into your phone.

When an unwanted guest puts in the wrong code, CrookCatcher will take a photo of them with the front-facing camera – secretly and without warning.

CrookCatcher immediately emails you the photo of the thief along with your phone’s current GPS location, with an estimated street address, and a link to the Google Device Manager so you can track your phone.

This comes in handy if your phone is stolen or if one of your friends, family members, or co-workers tries to be sneaky and get into your phone when you’re not looking.

You can, of course, adjust the settings and choose how many failed attempts CrookCatcher allows before taking action, so you don’t end up with a selfie every time you mess up your passcode.

You can download CrookCatcher for free on Google Play or learn more on

Additional advanced features are available for a premium inside the app.