A pay out rate is simply a statistic to help identify games that players are likely to win at or games where there is a chance to lose. Pay out rates help potential players decide which games to play and where to place their bets. Whereas slot machines offer a RTP, return to player, in other words, the percentage amount that a player could expect to win, online casino also offers statistics and have to provide a form of transparency to enable players to choose how to gamble.

Casino payouts 

The pay out rate on a slot machine or pay out percentage is an estimate of what the player can expect from a slot machine in term of pay out. Slot machines are usually programmed to make a pay out of around 82% to 98% of all the wagers that are paid into the slot machine by the players. This, however, does not mean that this percentage can be expected every time the machine is played. This is a lifetime percentage over the life span of the machine, usually around ten years. Slot machines are also not played with a strategy whereas table games generally are.

Pay out rates also differs within certain jurisdictions. States with the USA vary in terms of their minimum pay out and the maximum pay out. For example, the minimum legal pay out in Nevada is 75% whereas in New Jersey its 83%.

Blackjack Casino Games 

The pay out rate for Blackjack depends on the player’s strategy adopted. If the player uses a strong strategy and has a plan on how they are going to play then the pay out rate can be as much as 99.5%, however, without a strategy and playing simply on impulse can result in a pay out rate of around 95%. Blackjack is one of the easiest casino table games to win providing the player is aware of the variables that can have an affect on the odds. Player’s also need to take into consideration the gaming software used within the casino and that the player can physically see the dealer shuffling the cards. If not the casino could be tampering the pay out rates.

Online Casino – Roulette 

European Roulette, the difference between this and American is the order of the numbers and American roulette has one additional pocket, the payout percentage can be as high as 97.3%. However, with roulette, the player needs to remember that wagering on only colors will, for example, see the payouts happening more frequently than that of wagering simply on the single numbers.  American Roulette, however, has a return to player payout of around 94.7% but this depends again on the win and the bet type. Betting on a five-line, for example, drops the return to player payout to 92. 11%.

French Roulette has the highest payout percentage amongst all of the roulette games with all the different bets having the same payout percentage of 97.3%.

In summary, the RFP on a slot machine can sometimes be on a par to a table game, however, easier to reach due to the lack of knowledge and strategy required.