Nitroforce – Blast Away Fat, Build Muscle and Prevent Disease | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

It’s widely accepted that exercise has medicinal effects, but all types of exercise are not equal. New research is crowning resistance training as the best form of exercise due its capacity to increase muscle mass. And when it comes to exercise, intensity is king.

The one piece of equipment that is by far delivering the highest dosage punch for anti-aging, fat blasting, muscle building, and disease prevention is the Nitroforce T 1000.

Technology and engineering have made the T 1000 faster, stronger, safer, cheaper, more powerful, and versatile than any previous home gym.  The T 1000 uses nitrogen gas pressure for the resistance force instead of weights, but this is not to be confused with hydraulic shocks that are slow and do not push back.

Independent of gravity, the NITROSHOX delivers resistance in ALL directions at any speed.

The T 1000 breaks conventional rules of slow steady repetitions for injury prevention and now high-speed sports specific exercises can be performed safely.

Providing over 100 exercises with 1000 pounds of adjustable resistance, the T 1000 has the capacity to build muscle and blast fat for any level of user.

No matter if you are young, old, beginner, or expert, the T 1000 has you covered. Get yours today at