WillPower-Train your Mind with Meditation, Breathing and Affirmations | NewsWatch Review


It goes without saying that in order to achieve any goal – whether you want to lose weight, quit smoking, or cut out sugar – you need to train your mind to be strong.

In other words, you need strong willpower. Well, the WillPower app is designed to give you just that. Spend only a few minutes each day training your mind through specific tasks like meditation, breathing, affirmations, habit tracking, visualizing goals, and more. The idea is to recalibrate your brain, putting you in a peaceful and calm state of mind that leads to increased willpower.

By achieving strong willpower, you’ll find getting rid of nasty habits like biting your nails or smoking cigarettes is a piece of cake. It’s like your very own personal trainer for your mind.

By laying a strong foundation, you can regain control over your life and any unwanted habits. These mindful exercises also assist in helping you manage anxiety and panic in the times when you need it the most.

In addition to coaching you through exercises to strengthen your willpower, the app includes a large collection of meditation, calming music, tips and other useful information to help you keep on the right track.

Start with a free trial where you’ll gain access to features like guided and unguided meditation, temptation advice, daily tasks to move you away from your cravings and a method for setting goals.

If you’re ready to move forward with a subscription, you’ll gain full access to the WillPower community.

WillPower is your guide to a new lease on life by putting you back where you belong – in control.

Download today by searching for “WillPower” in the App Store or at willpowerapp.com.