We all dream of one day going on the ultimate American road trip; hitting those vast open roads with the roof down and the music up. The drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas may only take about four hours, but that makes it the perfect distance to add some fun and exciting stops along the way, breaking up the monotony of the desert and turning the short journey into an extended adventure.

If you’ve got an upcoming trip to the West Coast, forget the domestic flights; take a look at a car hire comparison site instead and start planning your LA to Vegas road trip. Here are some of the best stops you can make along the way.

  • Mormon Rocks

An impressive display of sandstone blocks, exposed to the elements along the San Andreas Fault. Pop into the visitor centre then walk the one-mile loop to get the best views of the huge rock formations.

Location: State highway 138

  • Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

A unique and wonderful collection of metal trees, adorned with glass bottles and other vintage items. This stop is one that’s not to be missed. Take a wander around and capture some awesome photos for Instagram.

Location: Route 66

  • Route 66 Museum

It’d be rude not to travel on one of the most famous roads in the world while in the area, so take Route 66 from Victorville to Barstow. When you get there, make a stop at the Route 66 Mother Road Museum, where you’ll find artefacts and can learn the history of the route.

Location: Barstow

  • Old Woman Meteorite

Also in Barstow, the Desert Discovery Center is where you’ll find Old Woman Meteorite. This sizeable rock, weighing in at 2750kg, is the largest meteorite to have fallen in California and the second-largest in the whole of the United States.

Location: Barstow

  • Peggy Sue’s Diner

A classic 50s American diner, Peggy Sue’s is a great place to stop around the halfway point of your journey. It serves all the traditional diner dishes that you’d expect, plus there’s an on-site garden and a shop selling 50s and 60s memorabilia.

Location: Interstate 15 at Yermo

  • Jenny Rose Sign

If you’re looking for a quick photo opportunity, then pull up at the Jenny Rose Sign, just across the road from Peggy Sue’s Diner. The Jenny Rose restaurant is now permanently closed, but the iconic sign remains, made famous by the artwork on Sheryl Crow’s debut album.

Location: Ghost Town Rd, Yermo

  • Calico Ghost Town

What was once an old mining town back in the 1800s is now a popular tourist attraction that’s well worth stopping by. The miners upped and left when silver lost its value and the deserted town has since become an authentic open-air museum, with an old mining tunnel that you can walkthrough.

Location: Just north of Interstate 15 at Yermo

  • Eddie World

More than just your average gas station, Eddie World is an attraction in itself. Priding itself on great food, cheap gas and super clean bathrooms, it’s the ideal place to stop by and refuel, in every sense of the word. Whatever you do, leave room for some excellent homemade ice cream.

Location: Interstate 15 at Yermo

  • Baker

By this point, you won’t have seen much sign of civilisation for the last 60 miles, so this is a great little town to stop at and take a walk around. Grab a bite to eat, see the world’s tallest thermometer and top up on fuel and water for the next stint of desert driving.

Location: Interstate 15

  • Bonnie and Clyde Death Car

Stop by at Whiskey Pete’s Hotel & Casino, famous for housing Bonnie and Clyde fateful ‘death car’. The infamous criminal couple met a grisly end when they were ambushed in May 1934 and you can find the bullet-riddled Ford V8 on display in the casino for all to see.

Location: Interstate 15 at Primm

  • Pioneer Saloon

The last stop before hitting Sin City, Pioneer Saloon is one of the oldest bars in Nevada. Once frequented by the likes of Clark Gable and other A-list celebrities, it’s well worth the detour off the freeway.

Location: Goodsprings, off Interstate 15

Whether you add one or all of these stops into your journey from LA to Vegas, it’s sure to be a journey you’ll never forget.