Monkey Knife Fight – Offering Fantasy Sports Lovers the Chance to Win | NewsWatch Review


If you’re into fantasy sports, you’re going to want to listen up. There’s a new game in town that is easy, light-hearted and offers an alternative to some of the more hardcore fantasy games you’re familiar with.

Introducing Monkey Knife Fight. Monkey Knife Fight puts the average consumer at the heart of the experience. It’s a new platform that offers an alternative to Daily Fantasy Sports lovers the chance to actually win.

The site levels the playing field for all players, no matter their sports knowledge, by allowing you to play against the house instead of other players.

They went so far as to invent a new style of Daily Fantasy Sports that utilizes fantasy propositions. A proposition – or prop – is simply a hypothetical outcome from a sports game.

For example, you would make a prediction on which of these two quarterbacks will score more fantasy points.

If you’re right, you win! Monkey Knife Fight offers a ton of fun games and contests utilizing this unique system, giving the average player a fighting chance in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports.

To get started today, head on over to