Solvay Chemicals – Ensuring that Customers Handle Chemicals Both Effectively and Safely | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you work in a lab or interact with chemical substances on a regular basis, then you know how complicated and dangerous it can be to carry out your daily tasks. We found a chemical manufacturer that does it all.

From optimizing training methods using cutting edge technology to educating customers on how to use their products, Solvay Chemicals goes above and beyond.

The most common challenge that chemical companies tend to face when handling hazmat materials is the monotonous task that they tend to perform.

Solvay Chemicals is a chemical manufacturer, that takes a step beyond customer-centricity.

They’re not just the person selling chemicals to a company, they are the ones going out on the field, ensuring that their customers are able to handle the chemicals, both effectively and safely.

Solvay Chemicals is working on these challenges by implementing what they call their supply chain tool kit which has several different things, such as customer training, on-site startups, as well as GPS tracking on our trailers, and more excitedly their new venture – virtual reality.

Virtual Reality provides a digital and more invigorating way of training in that they are able to get up and perform their tasks in a live-like environment, without actually dealing with the hazards of being in the plant.

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