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If you are thinking about cutting the cord on cable television, you may want to give this whole deal not only a second chance but a good overall look as well.

From afar, it seems obvious that services like Netflix have the upper hand. After all, they can provide customers with on-demand movies and shows – whenever they want and whatever they want.

However, we all know that cable means much more than just movies and shows. Even if the future of streaming looks very, very bright, it might not be able to replace the good old television.

News and Information

There are several types of information. Naturally, two of the most important types are the information that we come across and the information that we purposely look for.

  • Online Information

For the latter, we’d simply jump online, search on a web browser, and then find what we need. The same applies to movies and shows. Namely, whenever we want to watch something new, we rely on streaming platforms and informational websites.

  • Cable Information

On the other hand, the internet is not always the best option in terms of information that we simply come across. This means that, in some cases, we may not be presented with any new movies or shows. 

Obviously, cable TV can do that with all kinds of information. You see commercials, advertising, and many others that you wouldn’t see on a streaming service. 

  • News

When it comes to news, we all know that the online environment is always prone to fake news. On top of that, you won’t find any local news on the web unless you purposely look for it.

If you let your cable TV run in the background, on the news channel, while having dinner, you will definitely learn what happened recently in your home town or state. Minor incidents are not always covered by large online media. 

For example, even though you may be up to date with everything CNN or BBC has in store – in terms of streaming, written information, and so on – you can never be sure that they’ll cover a local story.

Cable vs Netflix

Even though there are plenty of cord-cutters out there – youth, adults, and seniors alike – not everybody hurries to board this train. This is mainly the future of streaming can also be seen as insecure.

  • Online Doesn’t Have It All

It’s true, streaming services are more convenient and don’t make you spend as much as you would on classic TV, but the latter is still relevant for a lot of people. Not every single show or sport can be viewed online!

  • Multiple Streaming Platforms

There’s also the issue of multiple streaming platforms. In order to watch every movie and show that you like, you’d probably have to pay for more than five monthly subscriptions. For example, you can’t watch Game of Thrones on Netflix – as you can’t watch any Netflix original on HBO GO or any other platform.

You may not be able to watch Netflix on your cable TV, but the latter does bring together a lot of movies, shows, franchises, and so on – without you having to pay separately for each other.

The Bottom Line

The main reason why you won’t need cable cutters anytime soon is information. Obviously, we refer to all kinds of information – visual, written, audio, fake, true, local, legit, important, and mundane.

Due to information, there shouldn’t be a dispute between Netflix-like services and cable, because both offer access to different types of information – and both of them come in a bundle offered by your cable provider (internet and TV).

In short, streaming services can and will evolve a lot, but this doesn’t mean that we’ll get rid of our cable TV. We still have sports, local shows, local news, cartoons, commercials that help us buy stuff, and many others that we still want to watch!